Vendor Management System

Statement of Work (SOW)

With SocialHire’s SOW, you can confidently procure highly skilled professionals and support services at competitive prices. By utilizing SocialHire, you will gain a centralized view of the entire process, including sourcing, negotiation, engagement management, invoicing, payment, and evaluation.

SOW features :

  • Project Objectives

  • Deliverable & Milestones

  • Timeline

  • Resources and Responsibilities

  • Payment Terms

  • Change Management

  • Signatures

Vendor Portal

With the Socialhire vendor portal your vendors can collaborate with procurement team members, hiring managers and finance teams.

Vendor Portal include :

  • Role Access

  • Candidate Upload

  • Invoice Upload

  • Statement of Work Management

  • Compliance Documentation

  • Timesheet Upload

Resource Tracking

Automate onboarding and offboarding processes for all extended workers to ensure policy compliance and mitigate risks related to tenure, access, and other policy requirements.

Resource Tracking features :

  • Centralized database

  • Onboarding and Approval

  • Improved resource forecasting

  • Compliance and Risk Management

Talent Pools

Utilize the strength of your brand equity to attract and recruit your most valuable asset – your talented workforce.

Talent Pools include :

  • Identify potential candidates

  • High quality resources

  • Expedite the hiring process

Shift Based Workforce

Our solution efficiently resolves the intricate staffing demands that come with high-volume, shift-based work.

Shift Based Workforce features:

  • Scheduling and Swapping

  • Time in/out and Tracking

  • Shift Analytics

Direct Sourcing

Directly discover and hire contingent workers through online platforms or talent marketplaces.

Direct Sourcing include:

  • Candidate Self Registration

  • Talent Marketplace

  • Onboarding and Engagement