Account and Contact Management

Allows you to effectively collect, organize, and manage client data.

Real-Time Notifications

You can promptly respond to customer tickets and queries, ensuring instant support.

  • Increased responsiveness

  • Enhanced customer experience

Centralized Customer Database

Store and manage all customer information, including contact details, company information, interaction history, and more.

  • No manual or scattered spreadsheets

  • Improved data accuracy

Lead and Opportunity Tracking

You can track the progress of leads and opportunities as they move through the sales pipeline.

  • Effective follow up to convert leads into customers

  • Prioritize and focus efforts

Sales Pipeline Tracking

Visualize your sales pipeline, from initial lead generation to the final closing of deals, and provide insights into the status, value, and probability of success for each opportunity.

Deal Management

Helps you manage your deals by tracking their status, value, and probability of closing.

  • Improved visibility and transparency

  • Timely and proactive communication

  • Personalized and targeted offerings

Sales Forecasting

You can forecast your sales revenue by analyzing the likelihood of deals closing based on historical data and current pipeline.

  • Improved decision-making

  • Increased sales

Performance Analysis

Provides insights and reports on your team’s performance, allowing you to identify strengths and areas for improvement.

  • Data-driven insights

  • Goal tracking and progress monitoring

  • Performance benchmarking

Communications (Email, SMS, Call) Tracking

Effectively manage and analyze various forms of communication, leading to improved customer relationships, streamlined processes, and enhanced collaboration.

Email Tracking

This allows recording when emails are sent, opened, and clicked by recipients. It provides insights into customer engagement and helps users track the effectiveness of their email campaigns.

  • Personalized follow-ups

  • Tailored communication

SMS Tracking

Users can send and receive text messages directly from the CRM platform, and track the delivery and response rates of these messages.

  • Keep a record of customer interactions

  • Monitor the effectiveness of SMS communications

Call Tracking

Enables users to log and track phone calls made or received within the CRM platform. It records details such as call duration, time, date, and the outcome of the call.

  • Elevated customer assistance

  • Data-driven decision-making

Mobile Application

With our mobile application, you can access your CRM system from your mobile device, enabling you to be better informed and stay connected to your clients and colleagues.

Real-Time Access

Access your CRM system in real-time from your mobile device.

  • View and update customer information

  • Track sales activities

Enhanced Collaboration

Stay connected with your colleagues and collaborate effectively even when you are not in the office.

  • Share information

  • Better teamwork

Better Customer Engagement

Quickly access customer information, review past interactions, and respond to customer queries or requests promptly.

  • Stronger client relationships

  • Personalized experience

Offline Capabilities

Access and update your CRM data even when you are offline, and the changes will be synchronized with the system once you regain internet connectivity.

  • Uninterrupted access

  • Data synchronization

Customizable Interface

Customize the mobile interface to suit your specific needs and preferences.

  • Personalized layout

  • Tailored user experience

Key Account Review Reports

Offers valuable insights and analysis regarding the current status, progress, and overall relationship with important accounts.

Account Overview

Gives a high-level view of the account’s status and key metrics.

  • Develop targeted strategies

  • Prevent potential roadblocks or setbacks

Action Plan

A roadmap for the account manager to follow.

  • Structured plan to follow for success

  • Continuous improvement


It provides a comprehensive view of the account’s performance and supporting information.

  • Gain insights into key metrics

  • Informed decision-making