Reinventing Workforce Management

Workforce management solutions, for High Volume, Corporate, Government, and Staffing Agencies

High Volume Staffing

Need to hire 1000s of hourly or temporary staff, Socialhire high volume staffing built on platform can help. Market to candidates through Social Media, Job Advertisement  platforms, SMS, Email etc. Use SocialHire SMS(Mobile), Web Applications, Chatbots to hire candidates with ease.  

Consulting Firms and Staffing Agencies

Manage your consulting firm or Staffing agency end to end using SocialHire. With SocialHire CRM module you can manage customer relationships using best in class Named Account Selling and Account Based Marketing. SocialHire PSA(Professional Services Automation) will help optimize resource utilization by tracking projects, risks, optimized scheduling and margin calculations. SocialHire Recruit will let you hire and retain best in class employees and contingency staff 

Corporate and Government Recruiting

Hire and retain talent with same intensity as your customers. With SocialHire recruit treat your candidates like your customers, sourcing with targeted marketing, employee referral programs.  Our solutions are highly customizable, Section 508 compliant for government and higher ed recruiting

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Why Choose Us?

SocialHire is built and hosted on – the # 1 platform as a service (PaaS) applications are hosted on’s infrastructure.

Business Reasons

All In One Platform

We are native to Salesforce

SocialHire brings you all the benefits of a fully integrated, single source enterprise ATS solution on the world’s most flexible and powerful cloud platform.