Frontline worker hiring Best Practices for Clinics and Stores

If you operate a business like an outpatient clinic hiring nurses or physicians or a  Retail grocery store that hires cashiers or a store manager or a coffee shop that operates multiple locations you have to accommodate the needs of each of the locations while maintaining some level of standardization. An optimized process for addressing the needs of different locations is necessary.  Each location could have hourly staff as well as full-time employees, Hourly employees could be in volume and seasonal. Every location will have to be able to post jobs pertaining to their location, this has to adhere to corporate standards while providing a level of customization for the location. At the corporate level or at the location level you would want to see the candidate pipeline and fill rates for the location.  Another key item is how to advertise or source candidates for each location, the ability to run campaigns locally as well as rely on corporate campaigns and branding strategy. The ability to search for candidates in the internal database based on a location is also critical. With SocialHire you can allocate jobs to different locations or stores.

Proximity based candidate search

Find Candidates in your ATS that are close to a Zip code or location

From a candidate experience perspective, it’s also critical to direct the candidates to the appropriate location that would be ideal for them. This can be done using location-based Job searches or auto-detecting of stores or locations close to the candidate. SocialHire solution does provide a location-based application. Below is a short Demo Video. You can also visit us in the Salesforce App Store


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